Sphynx Cats. Sphynx Cat Owners Manual. Sphynx Cats care, personality, grooming, health and feeding all included. The…

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While I am an unashamed cat devotee, I have tried to remain objective while writing this book. The reason for this is that what you need, whether you are thinking of getting a Sphynx or already have one, is someone who will tell you the bald and naked truth about these amazing and sometimes challenging cats. The Sphynx is a unique and remarkable breed: very intelligent, acrobatic, loving, flirtatious, energetic and fun… and a lot of work. This book provides a great deal of helpful factual and practical information on the Sphynx cat’s history, temperament and what the Sphynx needs in order to be happy and healthy. The Sphynx is a fairly new and a controversial breed. Views vary from those who would never own any other type of cat to those that think of the Sphynx as a genetic aberration that should not even have been continued. Sphynx cats do require you to look beyond the usual idea of what is feline or cat-like. Yes, they don’t have the fur or physique that most people associate with cats. Yes, they do require a kind of care that is not for everyone but these cats possess physical characteristics and personalities that give them an appeal as unique as their appearance. This book also contains material that is not specific or unique to the breed but that is relevant for any cat owner. There are a number of practical tips, lists and checklists to help you to become the cat owner your feline friend needs you to be. If you are considering buying a Sphynx you will find honest information about the advantages and disadvantages of these hairless cats so that you can make a balanced and considered decision that takes the nature of the cat, your personality and your lifestyle into account. If you are already have a Sphynx cat, this book will teach you how to keep your cat happy and how you can be a happy cat owner.


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