Ever Seen a Hairless Cat?

Funny cats, cuddly cats, chubby cats, cute cats, you can name them all! But when it comes down to finding the right cat it can arise many issues like size, color and type of cat is suitable for you. But when you do find a cat that have extreme powers like able to balance a ball on their heads or being able to listen to radios, that would certainly be a strange thing! It’s a fascinating yet weird thing to catch your cat dancing with the music and listening to the latest news and understanding the world but at least it is one that is worth entertaining yourself whilst at home.

However have you ever seen or heard of an hairless cat? It’s a type of rare breed Canadian cat called a Sphynx. Its cause is a natural mutation that occurs in the cat population every 15-20 years! It appears to be a hairless cat but it is not truly hairless as the skin texture resembles of a Chamois leather. It may be covered with very short, fine hair unlike a peach. With no hairs at all on their skin, it must mean these cats would simply freeze to death as they would have no pelt to keep them warm, but due to their extroverted behavior they huddle against other animals and people!

Sphynx Cats generally have wedge-shaped heads and sturdy heavy bodies; also with the high level of energy, intelligence, curiosity and affection to their owners. It must mean it would be worth owning these cats! The Sphynx cat requires weekly maintenance, like bathing once a week, trimming the nails as needed, also it is advised to just use the products labeled ‘cats only’ as they can be extremely sensitive, due to the lack of hair and can be sun burnt easily so it is advised to keep Sphynx cat away from outdoors and avoiding open top washing machines as these types of cats like to huddle on things to keep them warm!

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